Các mẫu câu trả lời speaking IELTS

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các mẫu câu trả lời speaking IELTS

Bài viết này THE EDGE sẽ giới thiệu các bạn các mẫu câu trả lời speaking IELTS. Phần này các bạn có thể tham khảo để hỗ trợ làm và ôn bài tốt hơn. Một bí quyết là các bạn nên luyện Speaking IELTS theo chủ đề sẽ giúp mau thuộc hơn đó.

1. Chủ đề Travel & Holidays

1.1 Part 1

Các mẫu câu trả lời speaking IELTS thường gặp trong Part 1:

Ex: Do you like travelling?

Yes, definitely! I think seeing the world, from great historical monuments to white sandy beaches, is what life is all about. It’s a very interesting way to learn about new cultures and explore new places.

Ex: What is your favourite type of holiday?

I really like going to the countryside, getting away from it all. Nothing relaxes me as much as wilderness… I am tired of tourist traps and usually go off the beaten track…

Ex: What do you do on holidays?

I prefer visiting various museums and places of interest. For instance, on my last vacation I went to Rome and I visited 12 museums. It was fantastic! Of course, sometimes I go shopping with my friends or relatives too… But I don’t find it near as exciting…

Ex: Are there many tourists visiting your country?

Probably yes… My country has different tourist attractions in many cities, especially the capital… For example, my country has old-time religious traditions… That’s why we have a lot of ancient cathedrals and churches that are interesting for both tourists and local citizens…

1.2 Part 2 

Ex: Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a tourist attraction you once visited. You should say:

  • When you visited it
  • Where is it situated
  • Who you went with

and say what about it you like the most

A couple of years ago I went on a holiday to Paris with my parents… it is a very popular tourist destination, since it has various places of interest, such as ancient museums and monuments… That’s why there are always hordes of tourists… So we decided to go out of season in the autumn… Fortunately, the weather was great, and we did not waste any days watching TV at the hotel… it was a memorable holiday … we enjoyed breathtaking views from the top of the Eiffel tower and dined in cozy little restaurants. I would certainly recommend visiting Paris, it is a picturesque city.

1.3 Part 3

Các mẫu câu trả lời speaking IELTS thường gặp trong Part 3:

Why do you think tourism is so developed now?

Well, because it is a lot easier to travel nowadays… you can choose charter flights and find various youth hostels all around the world, so you don’t need to spend much money on the travelling. Moreover, you can book a trip via the Internet, so you don’t even have to leave home.

Ex: How people choose their destination?

There are a lot of ways. For instance, you can surf the internet for all the necessary information… Or you can visit different travel agencies for more advice.

Ex: What kind of transport do you prefer on holidays? Why?

It depends… I usually reach my holiday destination by plane because it is the fastest and the least dangerous way to travel. However, flying can be a bit uncomfortable… So I also travel by train from time to time… But I never drive car on a vacation, because I do it every day when I work… I would have a busman’s holiday otherwise.

Ex: Do you prefer travelling alone or in tour groups? Why?

I definitely prefer travelling alone because I like to plan the trip by myself… When choosing a guided tour, you should always conform to a set schedule… So if you are in India and, say, you want to spend an extra hour at Taj Mahal, you simply cannot do that with a group tour… I like independent travel. That way I get to see and do exactly what I want and spend as much time as I want at various stops.

Nếu các bạn còn đang hoang mang, các bạn nên đọc thêm bài viết về cấu trúc Speaking IELTS để hiểu rõ hơn về đề thi.

2. Chủ đề Friends

2.1 Part 1 

Ex: Do you have a lot of friends?

Not a lot, but I have a few very close friends … I think it is better to have one reliable friend that a thousand fair-weather friends… Although it’s not easy to meet someone you have a lot in common with, I think I can manage it.

Ex: How often do you see your friends?

As often as I can… We enjoy each other’s company, so we see each other almost daily… What’s more, we live very close to each other, so it’s easy for us to meet up.

Ex: Is there anything special about your friends?

Oh, that’s an interesting question… I guess there are lot of things… For instance, my best friend can draw unbelievable arts, good enough to sell. And my other friend is really keen on cooking… But most importantly, they are people, who are near and dear to my heart.

Ex: For how long do you know them?

I’ve known my friends since my childhood… We’ve been through thick and thin together… Probably that’s why we’re so close now.

2.2 Part 2

Ex: Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe your friend. You should say:

  • Who is he/she
  • When did you meet
  • Why is he/she so close to you

and say what do you like about your friend the most

I would like to talk about my friend William… I wouldn’t say he’s my best friend, but I would rather call him as a good friend of mine… I met him last year at a local sports centre. It turned out that we were studying at the same college… Then, miraculously, I got into the same class with him and we got on like a house on fire… He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met! He’s smart, helpful, caring, funny and somehow good-looking… And most importantly, we have a lot in common and he understands me nobody else does.

2.3 Part 3

Các mẫu câu trả lời speaking IELTS thường gặp trong Part 3:

Ex: Do you think friendship is important nowadays?

Yes, certainly! Without my friends I’d be very sad and lonely, but they cheer me up and help in every way possible… Of course, all relationships have their ups and downs, but we should definitely try not to lose touch with our friends.

Ex: What do you think is the best time to get new friends?

Hmm… Probably, the best time to get new friends is your school and university years. You have many possibilities to get in touch with different people… And it is easier to find friends with similar interests…

Ex: Is it important to stay in touch with your friends throughout the years?

Yes, it very important not to lose touch with your friends… Surely, everyone changes and even close friends can drift apart. But, in my opinion, friends are your second family and we should highly appreciate them.

3. Chủ đề Technology trong IELT Speaking

3.1 Part 1

Ex: Do you use any gadgets on a daily basis?

Yes, surely I do… Although I don’t consider myself a geek, I quite enjoy using all the new items like laptops and smartphones… All in all, we’re living in the computer age and it’s impossible to ignore cutting-edge technology.

Ex: How often do you use Internet?

I use Internet every day… It helps me with my studies and it entertains me when I’m down… Surfing the Internet is my hobby… I also frequently use World Wide Web for communication purposes… Though I don’t like social media like Facebook, I often use video conferencing for talking.

Ex: Do you own a computer? If so, how often do you use it and for what purposes?

Yes, I have a personal computer and a laptop… I use my laptop mainly for education… It is very light and fits in my bag easily, so I take it with me to school… Meanwhile, my PC has a large screen and convenient keyboard, so I use it for word processing and browsing websites. It is an old, but still well-oiled machine…

3.2 Part 2

Các mẫu câu trả lời speaking IELTS thường gặp trong Part 2:

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe your favourite gadget. You should say:

  • What is it
  • When did you get it
  • How often do you use it

and say why is it so important to you

I don’t own many gadgets… I have a PC, laptop and a smartphone and I can’t imagine my life without either of those… However, my laptop is the most important piece of technology for me… I got it as a birthday present from my parents a few years ago and I use it nearly every day now. Although at first using it was like rocket science for me, after a few weeks I was able to do everything I needed… From browsing websites to reinstalling the operating system… What’s more, without my laptop I wouldn’t be able to do my homework for the university… Also, I use it for surfing the Internet and finding whatever I want, whether it is a piece of code for my project or a useful tip on how to cook a steak… Generally, my laptop became an essential device for me…

3.3 Part 3

Ex: Do you think we need to know much about computers?

Well… Not too much, but there is definitely a couple of essential things everyone should know. First of all, you need to know how to enter a web address… how to navigate websites… It is very important nowadays to be able to surf the net for the information you need…

Ex: What is the most impactful piece of technology in our lives?

In my point of view, the Internet is the most important technological advance of our time… It gives us so many new opportunities to discover anything we want about our world! You just need to boot up your computer an go online… And with wireless networks at home and public Wi-Fi hotspots we can do it easily and almost everywhere.

Ex: How computers affect our everyday life?

In a positive way, certainly. They help with so many things, starting from writing and printing your own essay and ending with developing advanced programs and digital editing… Without computers studying would have been time-consuming and inefficient…

Ex: How effective is the use of computers in the classroom?

Hmm… in my opinion, using computers in the classroom is very effective. I think it is important for students to become competent in the use of computers to prepare them for the workplace … you know, computers are used everywhere in the workplace now. But… I also think that having computers so easily available gives teachers the opportunity to introduce students to the variety of information on the Internet.

4. Chủ đề Sport

4.1 Part 1

Ex: What kind of sport do you prefer?

I don’t prefer a specific kind of sport, but I really like working out in the gym… That helps me to keep my body in a good shape… A few years ago I had a sports coach, but now I developed my own fitness program and train alone…

Ex: Do you do any kind of sports during weekends?

Yes, sure! I have a lot of spare time during weekends and I do javelin on Saturdays… In summertime I also go cycling with my friends… Generally, I don’t like staying at home all day… I prefer active rest…

Ex: Tell me about your hobbies. Is there anything you like to do in your leisure time?

I used to play tennis as a hobby… But a few months ago my family moved to a new place, and there were no tennis courts nearby… That’s why I took up wrestling… But I still play tennis every once in a while.

4.2 Part 2: 

Ex: Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a place that you visit to keep fit. You should say:

  • What is it
  • When do you go there
  • What do you do there

and say why do you like it

I would like to talk about my local gym that I visit three times a week… It’s a new sports centre with the latest fitness equipment… It has everything you would ever need to keep fit: treadmills, various dumbbells and exercisers for different muscle groups. Moreover, it offers a wide range of different classes for every taste… I developed my own strength-building strategy, so usually I start with a short warm-up when I jog on the treadmill for a few minutes to sweat… Then, I go to the weights sections and start doing lifting exercises… Finally, I end my workout with stretching… I try not to miss my trainings, because they help me to relax and forget about the daily routine.

4.3 Part 3

Ex: Should people go in for sports more?

Yes, definitely… Sport should be an essential part of everyone’s life. Not only is it good for your health, but it also helps you to be in a good mood… So people should certainly train more.

Ex: Which sport is the best for people, who aren’t used to work-out?

In my point of view, everybody should start with light trainings, maybe jogging or brisk walk every day… It is better to avoid strenuous exercises for the first couple of months, so powerlifting is definitely out of the question…

Ex: Why some people enjoy sports more than others?

It is a tough question… I would say, the main reason is it’s hard to find your perfect kind of sport… if you don’t like football or basketball it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy cricket, for example… It’s important not to fear trial-and-error method and you’ll inevitably find your ideal sport.

5. Chủ đề Food

5.1 Part 1

Ex: What kinds of meals do you like?

Oh, I adore different meat plates… My mouth is watering whenever I see roast beef, grilled chicken or pork chops… However, I don’t like to cook… That’s why I often eat ready meals and take-aways.

Ex: Do you often dinner with your family or friends?

Well, I try to dinner with my family as often as possible… Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time for such dinners due to my busy schedule…

Ex: When do you usually eat dinner?

I usually have main meal at about 4 p.m. … I’m starving hungry by then and sometimes overeat myself…

ExL Are there any fruits or vegetables you don’t like? Why?

Yes, there are… I’m not a fussy eater, but I really hate onions and seafood… I try to avoid meals that might contain these products…

Ex: And what is your favourite cuisine?

Well, I love French cuisine for its versatility and flavorful ingredients…. French cuisine has a variety of dishes, starting from their famous onion soup and ending with cheese fondue… Also, it rarely uses artificial ingredients or flavors.

5.2 Part 2

Ex: Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a place you like to eat at. You should say:

  • Where is it
  • What kind of food it serves
  • Why do like its food

and how often do you eat there

I would like to talk about a nice little restaurant in a walking distance of my apartment called “La Pasta”… It is situated on the ancient street in the old city centre… This restaurant serves various meals of Italian cuisine that I enjoy… For example, they serve extremely delicious pasta, pizza and tomato soup… I particularly love their pasta… It is very versatile food, and can be made in many ways… I general, I love Italian food because it is all about fresh, flavorful ingredients… That’s why I eat in that restaurant every now and then with my family and friends… Although it’s not cheap, its quality justifies the bill…

5.3 Part 3

How can we make people eat healthier food?

The best approach for this problem is to strike a balance between junk food and healthy food… You can eat unhealthy ever so rarely, if you manage to eat nutritious products the majority of the time… I eat junk food myself, by I try not to abuse my health…

Do you think people enjoy what they eat on a regular?

I don’t really know, but I’m leaning towards a negative answer… People are often lazy when chosing their meals… They try to catch a snack to restrain their hunger… But it is neither healthy nor enjoyable…

Do you think that cooking is a pleasure a burden for most people?

I can’t speak for everybody, but I think that cooking is more of a chore than a pleasure… But it really depends on a person… Some people might love cooking… If it is their passion or a beloved job, then it’s good for them… But I’m not among those people… Personally, I prefer dining out.

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